Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I have officially lived in the United States for 12 years now. This means that I spent exactly half my life in Canada, and the other half here in the US. Most people are generally confused when I tell them, and most of my friends actually forget that I am Canadian. I've already received a few people today asking me who I voted for.
Being a Canadian living in the US means that I have a Canadian passport, an American "green card" and I cannot vote in the US. No I am not an "illegal immigrant" but I do have a green card with maybe one of the most hideous pictures of all time. I guess I could vote in the Canadian election, but I really have no idea whats going on politically over there.
The past few elections that I have been here for really didn't interest me. I have only been of age for the last election and this one. And then I look at it in the sense of whats the point? I live in Illinois, the entire state is obsessed with Obama. Pretend for a second that I actually wanted to vote for McCain, it really wouldn't matter.
I try to stay out of all political arguments because I (and most people I think) don't know exactly what the views are and even what their own opinions are. I don't think people educate themselves enough on the subject and make decisions based on the snippets of information they take in. That's just how it is these days.
I let the superficial, and trivial things affect my opinion. For instance, I can't listen to McCain's ideas because I'm too busy staring at his excessive blinking and not being able to lift his arms up. I can't listen to Palin because...I mean that accent is beyond awful. Get rid of that shit! Obama's deep voice usually just calms me into a trance. And I actually have NO idea what Biden even looks like. (What? No one does!)
Anyway today is a very exciting day, expecially around here! I am excited to see what's going to happen and glad that I'm in Chicago for it!

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