Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Black Friday!

Has anyone stood outside of Best Buy on Black Friday at 2am to get the doorbuster deals? Well I have...and looking back I did it for 2 reasons. The first was that I really wanted a lap top for Paris (so this is like Thanksgiving 2004...good god that was long ago). And I also wanted McDonalds breakfast...what? I'm usually never up early enough! So this Toshiba lap top was on sale for like $500.00 and this is 4 years ago, so that was a really good deal. So me and my dad headed over to Best Buy at some ungodly hour to wait in line with the other insane deal seekers. We bundled up and had chairs and even those heat packs. It was not that fun, but I was so focused on this lap top that I somehow survived. I'm sure if you asked my Dad he would have a slightly different version that would include me sitting in the warm car the entire time while he stood in the snow. But nay, I was out there nibbling (and by nibbling I mean scarfing) down my sausage and egg mcmuffin in the cold.

We busted out of there a few hours later with a couple computer monitors, a video camera (which I believe my parents just recently tried to use- come to find out it was broken). And I did get my lap top which lasted a couple years, it treated me well and travelled around Europe with me. The fan on it finally broken making it unbelievably slow. So, I got another one a year and a half ago. This top of the line (and by top of the line, I mean cheapest) Acer computer has not always been the greatest friend to me, and I cannot download one more picture because the hard drive is apparently full. I have been through 2 power cords. The first one Bruiser chewed through, and it kept working for a couple months using some electrical tape and strategic positioning. The second one was ordered off eBay and was so cheap that it just fell apart one day. I am currently on my third power cord, and last thread of patience. As my roommates can attest to, simply hopping on the computer to map quest something is a good 15 minute process.

Long story short, I need a new computer. So I am currently debating whether or not any of these lap top deals at Best Buy are worth it. Last year we did a drive by at like 10:30 at night, and there were ALREADY PEOPLE LINED UP!! It was actually insane.

So if anyone else has no life, and wants to wake up from their turkey coma at 1am to go stand outside of Best Buy on Randall Rd...uh let me know.


EMD said...

i think you should bring your current laptop and write a live blog about your newest experience of buying yet another laptop

Katie Says So said...

I have never been huge on the whole black friday thing but both my sisters are!! we are in central nebraska and it gets crazy... so i cant even imagine what it is like there though!!!!!

Bayjb said...

We do the Black Friday shopping bonanza but in a controlled manner. My dad always gets up at 4 a.m. though for the Target deals and knocks on my door to make me go with him. It's awful.